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About RFolks

RFolks, pronounced 'our folks', is an interactive web service for collaboratively building graphical representations of groups of people. It is primarily intended for creating and sharing family trees over the Internet.

The original idea was thought up by Marie-Dominique Cornwell, a freelance translator and language teacher, who enjoys studying recurrent patterns in family histories. Her goal is to create a space where family knowledge can be easily and securely stored and accessed.

This web site was developped by Quentin Cornwell, a software professionnal, as part of a research project on data organisation in graph structures and graphically representation of information.  

RFolks provides an innovative and fun approach to family trees. Each member of the family has their only personnal tree and information added by any member is visible to others through the family relationships. As relationships are added, the family forest grows in all directions and members can explore close and distant relatives as they please. 

Features grow automatically as the size of your tree grows. This ensures that RFolks remains simple at the offset and provides rich functionality as a user progresses with the system.

Rfolks is currently a Beta release, which means that some problems are to be expected and users agree to inform us about their use of the service.

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