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Using RFolks


Once you're identified, your tree is displayed on the home page. When you create your user account, your tree initially only includes yourself. When you have been invited, your tree already includes other people created by the person inviting you. You can always come back to the home page by clicking on the logo.

The tree is initalialy presented in Navigation mode. in this mode you can navigate to different trees by clicking on another person. If you click on the person's whose tree is displayed a new page is displayed with the person's history.

To pass to Edit mode, click on the change mode button. When you click on the user in the center of the tree, you can add on direct relationships to this person.

When you add a person the inverse link is automatically created. You can also create a link between 2 people present on the tree; drag one person on to of the other until a form appears. Complete the form and validate. When you add a person, links between the 2 people are added automatically.

To disconnect from Rfolks, simple click on "gotta go" in the top right corner. You will be disconnected automatically after 30 minutes.


Tips are displayed in the 1st information block below the tree.


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